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Don’t Call It a Comeback

June 8, 2010

Well, I mean, you can if you want really want to.

I just wanted to quote LL Cool J.

My dear darlings, it’s been a month. I hope noone has stabbed themselves with a fountain pen in my absence.

I have no real excuses, except that I’ve been 1.  Out of the country (seriously), 2. Planning my sister’s wedding, and 3. Focusing very hard on my freelance career.

Really. It’s been a busy month.

But, I’ve been bursting with new stories and old disgruntledment and I had to hurry back (though I admittedly it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten my own WordPress password and had to have it emailed to me).

That’s embarassing. But onward and upward. Let’s talk job hunting.

Anyone actually on the hunt for a godawful assistant job?

Then you should be aware of scamming issues.

Though I’ve been avoiding Craigslist’s “office jobs” like the plague, a more desperate friend than I (yes, there’s someone even more desperate for a job switch than me, believe it–it’s tough out there) has been reporting a shocking number of scams.

Even more shocking? How frickin’ retarded these scams are. As in, you email them a cover letter, and they email you a request for your banking account number and home address.

He's a nice guy, people. Just relax and give him your social security number already, okay?


I know y’all are way too smart to fall for any of that crap, but in the interest of saving your precious time and avoiding applying to bad apples in the first place, here’s a quick guide to avoiding scams on Craigslist’s.

It’s mostly common sense, but assuming you’re cover-lettering your butt off and a little mentally fatigued, it helps to have a a guideline.

Check back in for 5 ways to take advantage of shitty tasks at work, but meanwhile, entertain yourselves with more Craiglist fails, courtesy of one of my favorite sites,

Until next time lovelies,

Amelia the Angry (though a vacation has taken the edge off) Admin