Hi, how are you? Can I get you anything? Coffee? Water?

Here, let me take your coat. How’s the weather out there, still raining? Oh wow, really? Ha-ha. Great.

Well have a seat and I’ll be right back with your green tea–one sugar, one sweet and low, one tablespoon of skim milk. Coming right up!

Oh–whoops, sorry about that. It’s kind of hard to turn off. Allow me to introduce myself: Amelia Kelly, Administrative Assistant extraordinaire.

Actually, if anybody ever asked for my business card (yes, I have them, I just never get to give them out), they could tell you immediately that Amelia is indeed not my real name. It’s an alias.

I’ll be keeping my identity top secret so as to protect my job (however hateful), and my good  name as an admin. After all, just because I hate my job doesn’t mean I don’t care about doing it well.

And make no mistake–I do hate my job. I loathe it. But writing about the daily ups and downs, the verbal lashings and the public humiliations makes it easier, and heck, even kind of funny.

So read, laugh with me or at me, and by all means enjoy. I certainly intend to.




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